Woodfire and climat

Woodfire (bio energy) appears to be the most effective option for home heating in a climate-friendly manner. Approximately 80% of all household energy consumption is used for heating. According to NIBE research from 1998, the Finoven as heat source is the best choice in terms of the environment and from a health perspective. Even better than a unit running on natural gas.

The big advantage of Finovens and Tigchel heaters is the fuel used, i.e. regional wood and demolition wood. Wood is a climate-friendly fuel, efficiently converted by Finovens and Tigchel heaters into healthy, radiant heat. Softwood works just as efficiently as hardwood in these cases.

Radiant heat

The Tigchel heaters (as well as the Tigchel finovens) produce a great amount of radiant heat. This will give a warm floor, warm walls and a warm ceiling all around. The steady spread of radiant heat from the source (a Tigchel heate) in 12 hours across the surrounding surfaces is illustrated in this diagram, with a Tigchel heater 4D.

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As well as the big advantage of using the "recycling fuel", NIBE's choice in favour of the Tigchel finoven was inspired by the health effects from the indoor climate.
That is because radiant heat gives no dust circulation, no bad odours and no sense of 'dry air'. Radiant heat is particularly helpful for people suffering from respiratory disorders (CNSLD).


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